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About Us

Beliva Mutfak Eşyaları Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ. having begun its operation in household appliances sector in İstanbul in 2001, accelerated its significant growth with the addition of the Akel brand into its business.  Akel, having produced round ovens for decades have developed its product portfolio apart from 2007 with a new vision, kept its constant investments; and succeeded in incorporating new products and new models into its catalogue every year. Akel has become  one of the leading companies in the small household appliances sector, in cookers segment. Our company apart from the domestic market also has a presence in the Export market. With its young and dynamic staff,  driven from the consiousness to respect to human life and environment, along with its belief in innovation and constant development, Akel continues its operations for a better future.

Our Mission

To serve along the line of humanity ideals with both our corporate and brand conciousness. Our company; with fitting quality to its Akel brand; is maintaining customer satisfaction by producting high quality, healthy and innovative products. To offer mankind the best and the most valuable in our category, to contribute in the well being of humanity. Additionally to carry  the created value for our customers, suppliers, dealers and human resources to higher levels.

Our Vision

Ülkemizde, bölgemizde ve hatta  bütün  dünyada elektirikli ev aletleri sektöründe hatırı sayılır, saygın  bir  marka olmayı sürdürmek, farklılaşarak büyümek ve gitgide büyüyen Türk ekonomisine katkıda bulunmaktır. Zamanla sadece elektirikli mutfak aletleri değil; aynı zamanda bütün elektirikli ev aletleri konusunda ürün gam ını genişleterek, yurt içinde ve yurt dışında yaygın bir bayi ağına sahip olmaktır.

Quality Approach

The acceleration that lies within the essence of our work originates from manufacturing products worthy of our people without compromising the moral values of our corporation and our brand. In addition we are operating in compliance with laws, regulations, legislations and business ethics.
To fully meet  the expectations of customers and users, to serve as an exclusive brand and to offer kitchen products. Therefore to become an example company, increasing our brand value via the quality of the products that we manufacture.
To increase efficiency, to take the customer and user satisfaction to the highest level by maintaining constant growth in our own field and by continuing the improvement.
To full commit to the hygiene and cleaning rules due to the respect that we have to the society we live in and to human health and also our sensitivity towards the environments.
To honor the agreements with the customers, to be transparent, to abide with the moral and legal laws, to comply with the terms of agreement that has been settled, completely and on time.
Along with our corporate and brand values, to be in a family concept based upon loyalty with our customers, dealers and our employees,  and at the same time to respect the mutual rights to the highest degree.
To develop innovative products with original ideas, modern designs and added value, to be the favourite brand in Turkey and also to secure a strong position in the world market, thus to be present in kitchens worldwide with our brand.